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Unstable Situations of My Homeland, Karen State

My homeland is Karen state apart of southern Myanmar, where situated near border and was most dangerous in history by war about 1999 when I was young. At that time of Burmese’s solders and Karen’s solders shot each other long time ago. In my vision, it was remembered that the one of interesting thing was the rule of the difference between Burmese’s solders and Karen’s solders what kind of their attitude and their activities. Before Burmese’s solders came and rule our village, we were quite peace, worked freedom, went here and there and were happily together with Karen’s solder but after Burmese’s soldiers came to our state that Karen’s solders got out from our village. Because they were not equal to fight, Karen was a few of mumber and Burmese was a big more account of solders. And then they rule and force us not to go here and there.

Actually, some of them Burmese’s solders who needed some things and asked food or rice we gave it. On the other hand, if they asked for pic or chicken or some of meet, some of villager they gave and sometime didn’t. But, whatsoever, they regarded themselves such as we could everything we wanted and then, therefore, they would took what they wished. But that was not for all just some of Burmese’s stupid solders who had made their mistakes or missions.
On the other word, some of Burmese’s solders were great the number of the team of 22 called the faster’s group, they were very polite, kind and helpful for all villagers. A general he stayed in my home cook and sleep, whatever he got special food he left a cup of curry for my parents, at that time my three elder sisters are also miss but nothing happened wrong anything between us.

Even we had no freedom in the past but in the present right now its change to a little bit freedom in economic, education, and healthy as a prepare country to be developer and developer everything which was never done before by government. Here, that would not mean those that one is wright and those that is wrong or it is not necessary to judge false and true. If we are talking about that problem, this side is truth and that side is false, human will never agree to one another and they will conflict or against each other in any case.  

                                Ven. Dhamma Vamsa

Chanthaburi is My Homeland

          Chanthaburi Province is a beautiful and exciting place.  Within its boundaries is the bustling city of Chanthaburi, the pristine beaches along the picturesque coast of the Gulf of Thailand including the popular and impressive Chao Laow Beach, and the spacious and stunning Khaw Khitchakut National Park.
          The city of Chanthaburi is a huge, crowded, bustling city with many things to do.  There are many shopping areas that cater to those looking for the expensive as well as the inexpensive shopping experience.  The location of the city is unique due to its close proximity to the areas charming beaches and quaint fishing villages.

One of the popular beaches is the famous Chao Laow Beach. It is attractive to tourists for its peaceful atmosphere, the lovely view, and the pureness of the water.  A favorite activity for visitors to this immaculate beach is to sit under the shade of the tall coconut trees and blissfully relax.  Another exhilarating thing to do at Chao Laow Beach is to dive on the vivid coral reefs or take a thrilling ride on the sometimes dangerous banana boats.
Another celebrated location within Chanthaburi Province is the celebrated Khao Khitchakat National Park.  This park is covered with verdant tropical rain forests as well as an extraordinary evergreen forest.  Also located in the National Park is the stunning Khao Phra Bat Mountaintop. There is a time each year when people can walk up the mountain to this inspiring shrine.  This walk is intimidating and exhilarating at the same time.  Being able to give respect to Buddha’s footprint is well worth the exhausting effort.

          These are some of the many interesting and fascinating places that make up Chanthaburi Province.  There are many other compelling and delightful things to do in diverse Chanthaburi Province, but you have to take the time to visit this delightful province and enjoy them.

My province

           My  LopBuri Province

            The three Top of the pagodasThis is the important architecture symbol  of  Lopbury  town. It is in the middle  of  Lopbury Province ,and  in the north of  the middle part of Thailand  and with  well know all of Thailand.It is far from Bangkok about 160 kilometers.  This ancient architecture  of  Lopbury  and long about 700 – 1000 years of  Phra Ruang King  in the old time.It is interest to you and the visitors to sight seeing . The visitors can travel by train, by bus, and by van everyday.   

Beautiful view 
in the  evening

The field of sunflower in Lopbury
The field of Sunflower was settled   or grown  at Chong Sarika Sub district near  WatmaneeSriSopon. It is the largest field of sunflower  in Thailand  and had grown the most Sunflower in Thailand too. There are about 200,000 -300,000  Rai . The sunflower will bloom between about  October – January and It is going to change to be a natural beautiful  of the Sunflower at the last .The visitors can travel by bus , and by van Such as you like.

Big beautiful Sunflowers

Let's come ! 

Pasakcholasit Dam
Pasakcholasit Dam is the longest earthen dam in Thailand , constructed by the leading project of the King Bhumipol  to alleviate floods. It was built on December 2, 1994 by the responsibility of  irrigation office. It took  more than 5 years to contract,  last thing from December 2, 19994 to September 30, 1999. It was given the name by His Majesty The King Bhumipol,  it is called Pasakchorasit , which means “the effective dam in saving  water” It is far from Bangkok about 200 Kilometers to chaibadan District  Lopbury Province. The visitor can travel by bus and van .

Narai Palace
 Narai palace is a temporary house  of late King Narai ,The Great. This Palace is very beautiful and attractive. The inside of the Palace was built with the great architecture. Moreover, the exhibition  of  King Narai’s history was  show  inside of the Palace. The visitors can go sightseeing the beauty of the Palace  joyfully just only in the weekdays.

BY: Phra Boonthieng  Suchithto No.10

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Bangladesh, Chittagong is My Homeland

Ven. Aungshapru Marma

Bangladesh, Chittagong is My Homeland

Chittagong is a district in the south-eastern of Bangladesh. It is under Chittagong Division. Local people call the city Chottogram or Chatgaon. It had been a sea port since the ancient period. It was under the rule of kings Arakan from 16th and 17th centuries. It is surrounded by Feni and Tripura (Indian State) to the north side, Cox’s Bazaar to the south, Rangamati, Bandarban and Khagrachari to the east, Noakhali and the Bay of Bengal to the west. Now it is the commercial capital of Bangladesh. The city is on the Karnafuli River. There are so many beautiful and interesting tourist attraction places to visit in my hometown in Chittagong, Bangladesh such as; Foys Lake, Patenga Sea Beach, Rangunia Eco Park, The Buddha Dhatu Jadi, and Sitakundu.

Foy’s Lake

Inside Foy’s Lake
 In 1924, Assam-Bengal Railway Engineer Mr Foy made the lake. Big in size, the man-made lake later named after Mr. Foy was constructed by erecting an embankment across a narrow valley from one hill top to the other in Pahartoli, in the northern part of the city. For an unforgettable trip, the resort at Foy’s Lake is the best selection due to its beautiful landscapes and magnificent views where you can enjoy a romantic boat ride. The lake with fun of activities has an amusement park, leased by the Concord group. After take a few steps, you will find the Sea World with a good number of rides in the water and rainbow trout, a kind of fish. A mini-zoo at the entrance of the man-made lake is most attractive view having a power to stop all visitors from senior to junior. For music lovers, Foy’s Lake Amusement World is heaven as varieties of cultural programmers and concerts are often staging here.  Meanwhile, to children, the spot is something more than paradise as the colorful shops with their Disneyland bricks at the entrance of the theme park entertain those lots. The other 
place kids got very excited to see is Sea World.

The Patenga Sea beach

located at the confluence of Karnaphuli River, gave them anew life. About 14 kilometers away from the port city Chittagong, the beach gained huge acclamations from domestic and foreign tourists for having some of the outstanding sunrises and sunsets. In 1991, a heavy storm lashed the beach, leaving this damaged. Although the reef area is 
Patenga Sea beach
later covered by some square shaped concretes to thwart river erosion, it makes the area very splendid for the beach lovers. With this, those are dashing and stylish seem it as a mega mall as a nearby market offers you interesting Burmese things, jewellery items, made of oyster shells and fascinating stones or clothes designed in native fashion, etc. The mind-blowing sunset viewing zone also offers you the busy guys a magnificent boat ride onto the ocean waves.

Rangunia Eco Park

This Eco Park was established in 1000 acres of land   in reserve forests of Kodala Beat of Hosnabad union of Rangunia upazila. This park was also designed as a attractive tourist spot.  Under the
Rangunia Eco Park
supervision of Chittagong South Forest Division DFO, this park was developed. Former minister and Chairman of the parliamentary standing committee on Forest and Environment Dr. Hasan Mahmood MP will inaugurate the park and first ever cable chair of the country today as chief guest. Sources said the entry fee of the park fixed at Tk.23 per person and the riding fee of cable chair Tk.230. Sources further said the duration of cable chair   ride of 2.50 kilometers will take about 15 minutes.

The Buddha Dhatu Jadi

The Buddhist temple is known in local language as Kyang. It is located in the remote Bandarban Hill District in south-eastern Bangladesh, which is part of the Chittagong Division of Chittagong Hill Tracts. The temple is ensconced in the hill town of Bandarban, which has two of the highest peaks
The Buddha Dhatu Jadi
with rolling hills, namely, the Tajingdong (4,000 feet (1,200 m)) and the Keokeradong (4,632 feet (1,412 m)), covered with dense forests with lush vegetation. Sangu river flows through the town. There is also a waterfall nearby. The temple is built on top of a 60 metres (200 ft) high hill, which is about 4 kilometres (2.5 mi) from the Balaghat town, and 10 kilometres (6.2 mi) from the Banderban city. Chittagong, known as a "picturesque part of Bangladesh that is referred to as the rooftop of the country", is about 92 kilometres (57 mi) away. Within the Bandarban town, the notable structures are the Ethnic Cultural Institute and a Museum.There is also a lake on the hill known as the Debota Pukur (meaning: "pond of the God").

Chandranath Temple & Buddhist temples

Chandranath Temple
The famous Chandranath Temple & Buddhist temples are in Sitakunda, 37 km for from Chittagong city. Famous among the many temples in this place, the Chandranath Temple and the Buddhist
Temple has a footprint of Lord Buddha. These places particularly the hilltops are regarded as very sacred by the Buddhists and the Hindus. Siva-chaturdashi festival is held every year in February when thousands of pilgrims assemble for the celebrations, which last about ten days. There is a salt-water spring 5 km. to the north of Sitakunda, known as Labanakhya. 

You can enjoy the steer ridings to go to Chandranath’s temple by walking. It is situated on the top of the hill from where you can
Buddhist temples
enjoy the beauty of the sea & also the hill areas. Now in sitakunda there’s made an eco-park.

My country is Magic, and I could rave on! Come and See it! You are welcome to contact me for any

A Visit to the Mount Kha-ka-bo-ra-zi National Park with Loving-kindness, Compassion and True Wisdom

"Nothing can make man happy better than pure, fresh and friendly natural environment."

Do you love the nature? I love to travel to the national parks where the natural environment including animal species is protected because not only can I enjoy the natural beauty, calm and peace of natural environment but also can develop my friendly spirit to the natural environment including animal species by treating it. with loving-kindness, compassion and true wisdom. Nature gives the benefits of the survival of all forms of life and a spiritual pleasure to all beings in the planet. Moreover, nature acts as our teacher because it shows us the true Dhamma of Impermanence (Anicca), Suffering (Dukkha) and Non-self (Anatta). So we can gain the true wisdom through seeing the nature with mindfulness. Now I would like to take you to Kha-ka-bo-ra-zi National Park, with its width of 1,472 square miles, which is located in Naungmung township of Kachin state, the northernmost state of Myanmar, established in 1996.
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We can go there by flight, or car, or train, or on foot. From Yangon to Myitkyina, 920 miles (1472 km) by car or 723 miles (1157 km) by train. Myitkyina to Putao, 218 miles (349 km), and Putao to Naungmung, 35 miles (56 km) by land.
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Kha-ka-bo-ra-zi is the highest mountain in South East Asia with 29,698 feet in the height. It looks like a white iceberg in Antarctica because of its always being snow-capped and the weather is cold around the year. We felt as if we were in Antarctica.

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If you like, you can feel the adventure of climbing the snow-capped mountain.
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We saw a significantly beautiful scenry that is a unique natural painting that I have never met before. Kha-ka-bo-ra-zi is also the origin of Aye-yar-wa-di river, which is a lifeline of Myanmar.
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Stunning natural evergreen forests, hill pine forests, moist upper mixed deciduous forests made me calm and peaceful. Trees and plants are our friends or benefactors because they provide us the necessities of our life, such as food, clothing, shelter and medicine, etc. for our survival. Therefore, we should not destroy the forests and should pay a spiritual gratitude to them by protecting. Our loving-kindness and compassion should be extended beyond people to include animals and plants. In Kutadanta Sutta of Dighanikaya, our Lord Buddha taught, "If one were to sit or lie down under the shade of a tree, one should not cut a branch of that tree - if one does, then he is an evil betrayer of friendship."
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Ecological conservation is very important for the attainment of enlightenment in terms of Dhamma because a healthy environment is a natural decisive support-condition for the development of paññā (wisdom) and an unhealthy one can lead to dosa (anger) which may be so strong that. One Kills Performs Other EviL or deeds. Destruction of The Destruction of Environment is ourselves. The Protection of Environment Protection of ourselves is Not Because all Can Survive Without a Healthy Environment. 

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The Kha-Ka-bo-ra-Zi National Park is also a Wildlife Sanctuary. It is a lovely and Safe Home of Rare Species Such As Takin, m usk Deer, blue Sheep, Black Barking Deer, Phet Gyi (Muntiaus Putaoensis),. Species mammal Such As butterflies and insects. When we were Climbing The Mountain, we enjoyed The Beauty of natural biodiversity. Deer, Birds, Sheep, rabbits, Cats and butterflies were runnig, playing, Flying and singing happily.
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In these days, the natural and safe habitat of animal species is becoming extremely rare in the world because of economic expansions. Some  Species Have Already Lost from The World and some are Endangered. We should Not Kill them Because Killing others is Killing ourselves. All Beings are linked to each Other Through Nutritional and symbiotic Relationships. If some Become Extinct, then it Will Lead to others'. Loss. So we should show our Loving-kindness and Compassion to Animals by Not Killing them.
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We also met indigenous Local People, Rawang, Lisu and Myanmar -Tibet Ethnic Nationals in Kha-Ka-bo-ra-Zi. They live a simple, happy and healthy life, earning their livelihood by farming. They are honest and friendly. I felt that to have meet with them is like coming across with gods and godesses from the World of Tavatimsa. Their innocent, honest, friendly and lovely smile is in my memory forever. 
In conclusion, After Returning from a visit to The Mount Kha-Ka-bo-ra-Zi National Park, I Have realized that MAN should Develop positive Attitude towards The Environment, Appreciate ITS value and Treat it with Loving-kindness. Developing a Friendly. Spirit to The Environment by trying to Protect and Consume it to exist Without being Destroyed ITS MAN is The Character of a good or traveler. Finally, I have decided that I will be going on a visit to other national parks with loving-kindness, compassion and true wisdom because the natural beauty, calm and peace of the Mount Kha-ka-bo-ra-zi National Park have made. me so impressed.