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My Beloved Birthplace - Small Village Shilkup in Bangladesh

Korunananda Sramon
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My country is small and very beautiful. Nowadays Bangladesh is an independent country in the South Asia. It became independent in 1971, after achieving independent from Pakistan in the Bangladesh Liberation War. Now Bangladesh is a developing country. Bangladeshi total area is 147,570 square kilometers and about 150 million people are living in here. Bangladesh is a country rich in rivers. 

Many rivers like Padma, Meghna and Jamuna is very big. Main crops of the Bangladesh are rice, jute, sugarcane, tea and potato. The national animal of Bangladesh is the Royal Bangle Tiger and the national bird is The Magpie Robin, known as the Doyel or Doel.

The national fruits of the Bangladesh is the Jack-fruits and the national flower is the Shapla. This is lotuses, and can be eat as well (usually boiled or roasted) as used as a medicine.

There are many natural, historical, and world heritage in here like Sundarban, Rangamati, Cox’s Bazar, Lalbagher khella, Paharpur, etc. The longest sea beach in the world, Cox’s bazar, is also here. The length of the beach are 120 km. 

Dhaka is the capital of Bangladesh and Chittagong is the commercial city of Bangladesh. Although Bangladesh is a Muslim country, other community’s as Buddhist, Hindus, and Christian living also here. 

Shilkup - my home-village

The name of my birthplace is Shilkup. Its under Banskhali Upazila District of Chittagong. Upazila District is located 45 km from Chittagong. It’s a village full of natural beauty. 

Shilkup is surrounded by the natural beauty of the hills, river, artificial lake, and open field. I was born and grew up in this village. All necessary services are available here. In the village living the doctors, lawyers, nurses, electronics experts, farmers, businessmen and teachers. About 85 percent people have higher education. Most of the people are connected with agriculture. There is one high school, one primary school and two Buddhist temples. The village is surrounded by lots of hills an artificial lake, which is rich in its natural beauty. 


An ancient Buddhist temple - Banskhali Central Shilkup Chaity Vihar

Banskhali Central Shilkup Chaity Vihar is an ancient Buddhist monastery in the village of Shilkup Banskhali Chittagong. It is located 45 km from district of Chittagong, near the Banskhali Eco Park road. In Shilkup are two Buddhist temples, mane of which - Banskhali Central Shilkup Chaity Vihar - is very attractive and beautiful. Temple situated in a beautiful location, amidst the magnificent nature. It was established in 1945 by the famous Buddhist monk Shasonashubon Shasonasry Mahatero. In the history of  the temple there was many famous and renown Buddhist monk like 8th Shangharaja 

Avaitisha Mahatero, Shasonasry Mahatero, Gayanopal Mahatero. Founder of this monstry are Devomitra Bhikkhu who is the present abbot of this temple. There are 6 temples in the Banskhali Upazila but this one is really very beautiful. It’s the most beloved prayer hall for the Shilkup Buddhist people. 


Education in Shilkup village


The main educational institution in Shilkup is Shilkup Government Primary School. The school is established in 1908 and newly renovated. It situated under Banskhali Upazila district of Chittagong. School is located in naturally beautiful place. During the establishment of the school, all region was belonged to the authorities under the British. In this time, the main building of the school was built of bamboo. 

Today, however, stand in the same place two great and modern stone buildings. Many students will receive scholarships for study, to get much appreciated Primary School Certificate  (PSC). The school has taught at a number of great teachers, as Bagala Bushan Barue, Pangkaj Barua, Anadhi Barua, Nirmali Barua, Nila Barua, Shima Barua, Atashi Barua etc. As a child of Shilkup, I was also studied in the school from the first to the fifth class.


The natural beauty of Banskhali Eco Park


 Banskhali Eco Park is located in Banskhali Thana of Chittagong district, 60 km's to the South of Chittagong Metro Area. Bankhali Eco Park is an extra-ordinary source of eco-tourism. Various facilities have already been made and others are still created. It has the ability to attract massive tourists, but the travelers are keeping themselves away from enjoying the natural magnificence of this place for the lack of publicity.

In this park are hillsides, lakes, wild animal’s refuge, park woodlands as well as valleys. Apart from, the Division of Forest has established numerous types of entertaining establishments the spot that the tourists usually takes boat trips in lake, walk across the hiking trails or even climb up to the peak on the watching towers or hills. 

The Banskhali Eco Park is really a bunch of hillsides, which can be becoming planned and planted with the help of forests of wooden value along with amazing creative and healing trees. 

Developed inside a attractive hilly location in around 1,200 hectors, the Banskhali Eco Park began beneath a plan in 2003 while in the when time tested natural environment which has been covered with sunlight grass lawns along with other planned and planted varieties. The actual Bay of Bengal is just a couple of km's faraway from Banskhali Eco Park and from the watching towers and hill tops - anybody can make a peek at nowhere area of the seaside. 

Site visitors can savor the attractiveness of nearly the complete Eco Park spot, a person's eye enjoyable plants as well as freshly produced forested acres riding on kinetic boats, speed boats and your pedal boats given by the Eco park managers. Banskhali Eco Park is also save zone of animal and tourist area. There are two artificial lakes, called Bamer Chara and Daner Chara. The bridge it’s the longest hanging bridge in the Bangladesh. There are lot of picnic spots. Every year many tourists come to enjoy picnic and passing their leisure time. Day by day it’s becoming very popular for the tourist.

In my village are lot of naturally beautiful, attractive places and Buddhist temples - so all people all over the world are invited to enjoy my birthplace Shilkup -



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