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Welcome to Rakhine State Myanmar

If you visit Myanmar, a stop in Rakhine State is a must do! 
Once visited, its memory will live in forever!
Rakhine Roma Mountain Ranges
My homeland, Rakhine State western part of Myanmar, has adorned with so many amazing things, and attractive places for local and tourists. Rakhinne State is one of the most fascinating state in Myanmar with variety of landscape, plateau, high mountain range, ancient city, historical monuments, beautiful waterfall,  white sandy beaches with crystal clear water, green rain forests,  and unique beautiful of local life. All of those best tourist attractions and other beautiful locations are existed all over the state and which are truly attractive paradise for both local and tourists.

Rakhine Roma Mountains
Top best attractions are as following  

Mrauk U is an ancient city former capital of Arakanese kingdom where you can visit many hundreds of historical temples and pagodas around the city. Early morning tourists scramble up a rather steep hill, overlooking of Mrauk U city, hundreds of stunning temples and pagodas as far as the eye can see. 
Mrauk U View
Htukkhnthein Temple
Foggy Sunrise
The gorgeous and ancient temples  are everywhere in Mrauk U  such as Kothoung Temple, Shitthoung Temple, Htukkanthein Temple, Ratanabon Pagoda and so on. These temples and pagodas are not only the precious national objects of Rakhine State but also the invaluable legacy of humanity. Chin tribe village and natural scenic beauty of Laymyo fresh water river are best tourist attractions nearby and well worth the visit. 
Ngapali Beach

Ngapali Beach

Located in Western Myanmar’s Rakhine State.  Ngapali beach is one of the best beach in Myanmar with white sand and clear blue water where visitors can enjoy the true natural beauty of the beach. 
Ngapali Beach
Many tourists who travel around Myanmar end their trip in Ngapali beach for relaxation. It is famous for its natural beauty and peaceful. There is no industry, no pollution along this beach. Visitors can visit nearby island, small fishing village and explore countryside. It is also a great place to know the life and culture of the local people.
Ngapali Beach
Ngapali Beach
You are all cordially encouraged to visit to Rakhine State, western part of Myanmar and Local people are very friendly, helpful, hospitable, and honest. It is pretty sure that your journey will bring you a truly memorable souvenir of the country.

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