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Mitan Chakma
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                                                             MY HOMELAND 
My homeland is called Rangamati Hill City. Rangamati is a small and beautiful town located among the green hills, lakes and rivers of the Chittagong Hill Tracts of Bangladesh. There are approximately is 50,000 thousand people living at Rangamati town.  It is a travel destination of Bangladesh which is well known as “Lake City". Rangamati town is also located on the western bank of Kaptai Lake. It is the administrative headquarter of the Rangamati Hill Tracts. It is the largest district of Bangladesh and located is about 77 kilometers away from the Chittagong Hill Tracts. Rangamati Hill Tracts town is free from pollution and it is not busy traffic jam at all. For a long time, Rangamati has been a prime Bangladesh tourist destination for its location, scenic beauty, colorful Indigenous people, Indigenous people homespun textiles, traditional delicious foods, traditional dress handicraft , ivory jeweler and many tourist attraction places.  The rich natural resources, diverse flora and fauna make Rangamati Hill Tracts. The road leading to Rangamati Hill Tracts circles and winds through hilly terrains covered with lush green forests and creates a memorable experience for years to come. To stay at Rangamati Hill Tracts is able to provide to your glimpse into the lifestyle of various indigenous groups of people living in this region. There are 11 Indigenous groups of people living at Rangamati Hill Tracts such as; Chakma, Marma, Tanchongya, Tripura, Murong, Bome, Khumi, Kheyang, Chak, Pankhoa, and Lusai. The mix of different races, cultures, religions and customs creates an interesting community at Rangamati Hill Tracts. It is said that, if a tourist skips Rangamati Hill Tracts may be he or she will miss a colorful slice of Bangladesh. There are many tourist attraction places and excellent accommodation services   at Rangamati Hill Tracts of Bangladesh. But I'm focusing on this blog is about the most beauties and interesting tourist attraction  places such as; Kaptai Lake, Indigenous people Museum, Shuvolong natural water falls, Raj bana Vihara pagoda, Rangamati Hanging Bridge and  Peda Ting Ting(  Indigenous people traditional restaurant ) as well as Sajek valley etc.

   Kaptai Lake:  Kaptai Lake was created by flooding valleys and plain lands between numerous hills. This is created a picturesque view as forested hills and plateaus rose from beneath the water. The government of Bangladesh  run tourism corporation and private operators offer Kaptai Lake Cruise Tours, which is worth every penny. Other scenic spots are also accessible through the waterways.

                     .                                                                 Indigenous people Museum 
             Indigenous people Museum:  The Indigenous people museum is located near the entry point of the Rangamati city. Established in 1978, it is run by the Indigenous people Cultural Institute. Traditional Ornaments, Costumes, Potteries, Musical instruments, Armaments, paintings, photographs, old manuscripts, statues and ancient coins of various indigenous groups of people are on display in this museum. It is open from Saturday to Thursday – excluding public holidays.

                                                   Shuvolong natural water falls

Shuvolong Natural water falls : Shuvolong is a place in Borokal sub-district, located about 25 kilometers away from Rangamati city. There are few waterfalls in Shuvolong area with the largest one falling from as high as 300 feet. In the last few years, this place has turned into a tourist destination due to its beautiful waterfalls and the nearby market. Shuvolong natural water falls is easily accessible by speed boat or motor boats from Rangamati city.    
                                             Raj bana Vihara pagoda at Rangamati city

Raj ban Vihara pagoda:  This Pagoda is an internationally known Buddhist Temple is located at Rangamati city. The spiritualist principal monk of Rajban Vihara, Venerable: Shrimath Sadhana Nanda Mohasthabir (Bana Bhante) lived here.  Architectural design of this temple is the oldest one but it looks very nice. Anyone can enjoy this temple during the first visit.
Rangamati Hanging Bridge 

Rangamati Hanging Bridge:  The Hanging Bridge across a portion of Kaptai Lake adds to the beauty of the lake. The Hanging Bridge is very popular to visitors. This bridge also leads to another hill over the canal close to the famous Parajatan motel. It’s said touring to Rangamati is incomplete without visiting the first hanging bridge of Bangladesh which stands 355 feet long and is considered to be a landmark icon of Bangladesh.               

                               Peda Ting Ting ( Indigenous people traditional foods at local Restaurant)

Peda Ting Ting : Among the islands that can be visit by boat from Rangamati to the Peda Ting Ting Island. It is a small island on the Kaptai Lake, few kilometers away from Rangamati city. It is mostly known for its serenity. Peda Ting Ting Island is a very small and secluded island in the Rangamati Lake. There are a few tourist accommodation facilities and a tiny restaurant run by the locals. It offers foods ranging from traditional to indigenous people delicacies. The Indigenous people traditional foods are very taste and delicious. They cook foods by the bamboo and banana tree leaf.  It is quite interesting thing to know that in ancient time Indigenous people cooked curry through Bamboo and Banana tree leaf  this is why people still following this system in the modern era at Rangamati Hill tracts. 


Sajek valley

Sajek valley: Sajek is a union at Baghaichari Upazila in Rangamati Hill districts. It is one of the big unions in Rangamati districts. Basically, it is name of a river which separates Bangladesh from India. The river flows into the Karnafuli River in the Chittagong Hill Tracts. Sajek Valley is situated in the North angle of Rangamati, near the Mizoram border boundary area. The valley is 18000 ft high form sea level. Many small rivers flow through the hills among them Kachalong and Machalong are famous. It is one of the biggest unions in Bangladesh. The main Indigenous groups of people on the valley are; Chakma, Marma, Tripura, Pankua, and Lushai. The place is well known as hill queen for its natural beauty and roof of Rangamati.
The sajek valley is most attractions of the spot are sun set, rain, morning, evening, and night and Indigenous Buddhist people as well as some of the Christian people also living   here . Tourist can buy foods and product from Indigenous people local shop. Sajek Valley roads are like big snake spirals mountains. 

Hotel Sufia International is one of the standard hotels in Rangamati town. This place is considered as a safe accommodation for travelers from home country and abroad. Besides, it is located the bank of Kaptai Lake which is also a great scenic advantage for its borders. The hotel staffs is very kind, hospitality and awesome.

(Thank you So much and warmly welcome to my homeland Rangamati Hill Tracts)

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