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Sam Phan Bok (Ubon Ratchathani)

“Sam Phan Bok”
         is a canyon by the Mekong River. When you first get to Sam Phan Bok, you can’t help but think of “The Grand Canyon” in Arizona, USA. Although they look nothing alike, the similar rock formation of the Grand Canyon and Sam Phan Bok is the reason why the catchphrase of Sam Phan Bok is “The Grand Canyon of Siam, Sam Phan Bok of Ubon”. However, this is not what makes Sam Phan Bok a natural wonder. Take a look at the pictures to see what im talking about.

          Sam Phan Bok is located in Ban Phong Pao, Moo 4, Lao Ngam sub-district, Pho Sai district, Ubon Ratchathani. This tourist attraction can only be visited during the drought season. This is because the canyon itself is under the Mekong River. When the rains come, the Mekong rises and covers this entire area
            The canyon resembles a mountain sprouting out into the Mekong. Spectacular views can be seen here of both the canyon and the river. It is believed that this natural phenomena is caused by the rushing water, acting like a drill, eroding the canyon over thousands of years. Here you will find over 3000 holes, big and small scattered all over the place. Some holes look like familiar shapes, animals, etc. There is even a hole that looks like Mickey Mouse (or Deadmau5 if you prefer). The Esarn and Laotian word for ‘hole’ is ‘bok’, thus the translated name is Three (sam) Thousand (phan) Holes (bok). 
          There are several activities for you to do aside from wandering around the canyon. Take a boat ride on the Mekong and look at life on both sides of the river (Laos and Thailand). You can get on the boat at Had Salung (Salung Shore) which will take you to “Mahanatee Si Phan Don”. This area is a natural breeding ground for certain fish. In addition, you can also visit various shores, caves, and odd-looking rocks.

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