Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Using Modern Technology to Spread the Buddhist Dhamma as a Good and Effective Idea

Long time ago, Buddhist use stone inscription or obelisk, and version found in palm leaves, and then papers and now on internet. They are all save and effective.   
Of course, this is very useful to use modern technology to share Buddha’s Dhamma which is not only for Buddhist but also for any religion or any living being. For example of rain, who can receive that rain will be useful for their health to be stronger and who cannot take it and they cannot use for their lives confortable. This is depends on themselves or in Pali attahi attano natho.
Now, in modern time, most Buddhist people and Buddhist monks were using technology such as mobile phone, tablet, computer etc. According to technology, that is very easy to find Buddha’ tripitaka in any language what we want to search on Google, Yahoo, etc. And also we can put on our own Facebooks and share to all people all over around the world. This is never happened the way of using before to spread Buddhist Dharma what is only appeared in modern time. So this is our good chances to share our knowledge according to the Lord Buddha’s idea not to go far way as Buddhist missionary. 
It would be much benefit to young people or effective to the cities or capital but not for the countryside. See in the Buddha’s time, after raining season the Buddha’s disciple went trip each monk one way to spread Buddhism but now monks are easily to spread it by technology. As a modern time, Buddhist monks were using net, giving dhamma talk on line such as Buddhist TV channel, FM Radio, or MCU TV etc. Which are useful and communicate back and forth or over and over to all others Religions.
In short, as the Buddha mention that whatever we act, speak and thought that must be the middle way. Anyway, we should prevent and share Buddhism to all. Therefore, it is a good and effective idea to use modern technology to spread the Buddhist Dharma.
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