Sunday, April 5, 2015

My province

           My  LopBuri Province

            The three Top of the pagodasThis is the important architecture symbol  of  Lopbury  town. It is in the middle  of  Lopbury Province ,and  in the north of  the middle part of Thailand  and with  well know all of Thailand.It is far from Bangkok about 160 kilometers.  This ancient architecture  of  Lopbury  and long about 700 – 1000 years of  Phra Ruang King  in the old time.It is interest to you and the visitors to sight seeing . The visitors can travel by train, by bus, and by van everyday.   

Beautiful view 
in the  evening

The field of sunflower in Lopbury
The field of Sunflower was settled   or grown  at Chong Sarika Sub district near  WatmaneeSriSopon. It is the largest field of sunflower  in Thailand  and had grown the most Sunflower in Thailand too. There are about 200,000 -300,000  Rai . The sunflower will bloom between about  October – January and It is going to change to be a natural beautiful  of the Sunflower at the last .The visitors can travel by bus , and by van Such as you like.

Big beautiful Sunflowers

Let's come ! 

Pasakcholasit Dam
Pasakcholasit Dam is the longest earthen dam in Thailand , constructed by the leading project of the King Bhumipol  to alleviate floods. It was built on December 2, 1994 by the responsibility of  irrigation office. It took  more than 5 years to contract,  last thing from December 2, 19994 to September 30, 1999. It was given the name by His Majesty The King Bhumipol,  it is called Pasakchorasit , which means “the effective dam in saving  water” It is far from Bangkok about 200 Kilometers to chaibadan District  Lopbury Province. The visitor can travel by bus and van .

Narai Palace
 Narai palace is a temporary house  of late King Narai ,The Great. This Palace is very beautiful and attractive. The inside of the Palace was built with the great architecture. Moreover, the exhibition  of  King Narai’s history was  show  inside of the Palace. The visitors can go sightseeing the beauty of the Palace  joyfully just only in the weekdays.

BY: Phra Boonthieng  Suchithto No.10

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