Wednesday, March 25, 2015

My Homeland


            My homeland is in upcountry where is far from the capital around 500 kilometers or more. I was born and grown up in the middle of people who mostly are farmers. Our living is very simple and based on Buddhist teaching. Therefore, whenever I go back to my home, the impressive feelings that I can feel are safe and comfortable. 

           Our daily life often starts from 5 in the morning to around 5 in the afternoon. Everyone is enthusiastic to work in their farms. The atmosphere is very fresh and attractive. Even though everyone works in a sunny day, they still can continue their work wholeheartedly because they don’t feel like working under pressure, and even though they always work hard, they feel happy still because no one control and force them at all. Only one thing that they have to depend upon is the weather. 


          Honestly, there are many beautifully touristy places in my province and I would like to recommend all of interested tourists to know them.                     The first place that I would like to recommend is Sirindhorn Museum and Phu Kum Khao Dinosaur Excavation Site. Kalasin is famous for the dinosaur fossils found at Phu Kum Khao (Sahatsakhan district). Most of the fossils are Sauropods from 120 million years ago. There are more than 700 fossilized bones that were found in this excavation site. Phu Kum Khao is considered to be the largest and perfect concentration of dinosaur fossils in Thailand. 


The second one is a very spectacular dam called Lam Pao Dam. This earthen dam rises 33 meters from the water and nearly 8 kilometers long. The dam straddles the Pao and Huai Yang rivers, creating a double reservoir. It was built to help alleviate floods, to aid with irrigation for the agricultural industry and is also used for fish breeding. The bank along the dam is a popular relaxation spot for locals. To get there, take Highway No. 209 (Kalasin - Mahasarakam) for 10 Kilometers, then turn right and drive for 26 kilometers.         


The last one is the highest mountain in Kalasin province called Phu Sing. It is 32 kilometers long to the north of Kalasin on Highway No. 227. Visitors can either drive to the top or ascend the 104 steps. If you stand on top of the mountain, you will see its scenery wide and clearly visible. The surrounding area is shady and offers a lovely panoramic view.

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