Monday, March 9, 2015

The Buddhist Monk and Modern Technology (Social Network)

     Nowadays, as social network is the worldwide connectivity, many people around the world are using social network in order to communicate with each other. Some Buddhist monks are also active users in social networking. With the wider knowledge of using social networks, monks could build up a sizable expat community interested in exploring meditation and Buddhism. But using social network for the purpose of flirting with young girls, playing games, watching movies and spending too much time on it would be wasting the time and useless.
Ven. Pannyavaro (BuddhaNet's Webmaster) said “what is happening now is that we have new tools and more sophisticated ways to spread the Dhamma. So now monks, who have always had the role of teachers and scholars, are becoming increasingly computer literate. So it is the cyber monk, skilled in the new medium of the internet, who will take the Buddha-Dhamma into the twenty-first century and beyond.”[1]
Monks are just ordinary people with a more visible moral framework to live by. If monks are going to be leaders in society, they should have an education equal to the people in that society, rather that someone who doesn’t know how to use a computer or talk about history or math. An education and familiarity with modern tools are necessary, Phra Pandit said to CNN ASIA.[2]
But "Instead of using the Net to flirt with young girls, monks should find ways to preach Dharma and lead them in the right direction," said Ladda Thangsupachai, head of the Cultural Surveillance Centre.[3]
Based on these comments above, Ven. Pannyavaro and Phra Pandit positively point out that monks can lead the community to preach Dhamma and to propagate Buddhism using tools such as blog and social network, while Ladda Thangsupachai mentions that monks should use the Net in the right direction. 
So in conclusion, using the Net will be helpful to society only if the monks use it in the positive way for Buddha’s teachings. If not so, Buddhist Dhamma and Sangha community will be dishonored.
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[2] Greg Jorgensen, Bangkok’s blogging British monk, CNN ASIA, 10 October, 2010.
[3] Nopporn Wong-Anan,Thai monks told to behave on networking Websites,, Tue,
Mar 4 2008

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