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Memories of my home land: Chin State and the Duty of my Life

My First trip and Duty

It was about winter season in 2008, After I finished my class studies I had to go some place to carries out my duties in the countries side. In the afternoon of December 21, 2008, I took the airplane from Yangon to Kalay with five monks together. We arrived Kalay about 3:30 and the season in that place is cold. After we arrived Kalay, we were split. We went to Chin State December 23 in the early morning and we arrived Tonzang about 5:00 Pm. It took us the whole day on that journey to arrived our place. This was the first trip for me and all of my friends.

My duty was to make missionary to propagate the Buddha's teaching and to preserve who believe in the Buddha and who are very far from monastery in Chin State in Tonzang Township.  But it was very difficult for me and all of people who lived in Chin State because it was not easy to go form one to another place. I did the best as much as I could when I lived there. it was about my duty in Chin State.

 The most attractive location in Chin State
There are seven States and seven Divisions in Myanmar. Chin state is the second smallest among seven States. The most attractive place in Chin State is Rih Lake. We can say “Rih Lake Rih Dil” is the heart of Chin State. There are also many high mountains in there. 
 About Rih Lake

Rih lake is the natural heart-shaped Lake. Rih Lake is always full of water in all year around. It is never dries in any situation. But it has been known to change red colour during December. The form is like human heart but it is natural from the ancient time tail now. Rih lake lies between the border of Myanmar and India. It is western part of Myanmar in Falam Township. 

I think that Rih lake is one of the most beautiful lake in Myanmar and all over the world. Although Rih Lake is well know with its heat shape most of people don’t know this lake. It is, because, very difficult to arrive there. It can be reached only by car from Tedim Township. It is very attractive place for the local people and tourists but difficult to get there.I

The most Lack of development

The local people said that Chin State is the most lack of development among many State and Division. There are no air ways and railways line. You can only get there by bus or can. There are no University, college and no any big product factory in this State. You can see many high mountains and forest in Chin State. 
My Place
The duty of my place is northern part of Chin State in the border of Myanmar and India. I lived there two years. I can never forget where I was stayed in Chin State. Many people there are Christian and they lived together on the high mountain, their life style is very peaceful. They are very warm welcome to all people. Welcome to our Chin State!
 Visited to the local place and Give candy to children

 Beautiful and attractive some sight sening
 In the border of Myanmar India army and Myanmar army.
This photo is The Stupa in My Temple

Traditional dress with beautiful chin ladies

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