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Sing Buri Province

                                                                                              Welcome to SingBuri Province
                     Sing Buri Province

SingBuri is one of the central provinces   of Thailand.The area of Sing Buri held an important position in early Thai history from the Dvaravati period down to the Ayutthaya period. Formerly the province was separated into three small provinces. There are 6 districts in  Sing Buri Province namely; In Buri, Prom Buri, and Sing Buri, which were unified by King Chulalongkorn (Rama V) in 1895.

There are many beautiful place to travel around Sing Buri Province of Thailand

                                   Have you ever been to travel there?

Let go !  On your vacation Time ....

When we have free time, we like to do our activities that we love them. 
It can help us to relax on our lifestyle.

Now, I want to introduce you to know about the beautiful place that people like to go for their travelling on the best time of them ...

    I am vey proud to introduce you to know the popular temple the name of it is Wat Phra Non Chakkrasi Worawihan. It is a royal temple of the third class. Inside the viharn (image hall), a large reclining Buddha image is enshrined.                 Furthermore, there are two other Buddha images: Phra Kan and Phra Kaeo. They were built during the reign of King Rama V to be the principal images at a ceremony for civil servants where they would swear an oath of allegiance to the king.

                     The Buffaloes Farm
       The Buddha Images at Wat Phra Non

                        The Open room
                            For study 
                       Buffaloes's Life
                        Wat Phra Non

    This is the buffaloes farm . It is the central farm to study about buffaloes's life for people who want to know about it.
     Because today, some people never know about buffaloes's life.
     If you want to know and take a photoes with beautiful buffaloes! Let's come here......

                Let go !  On your vacation Time ....


                                    Wat Phikun Thong

Wat Phikun Thong, or Wat Luang Pho Phae, from far away. It is said to be the largest sitting Buddha image in Thailand, measuring 42 meters high and 23 meters wide. The temple is a very pretty area with a small lake, meditation gardens and neatly arranged buildings around the main image. Another building houses another huge statue of Luang Pho Phae, the former abbot of the temple.  


Fish Eating Festival and Sing Buri Red Cross Fair

Fish Eating Festival is held in late-December each year. The Mae La River in Sing Buri is a natural source teeming with fish. 

Pla Chon Mae La or Mae La striped snake-head fish is very famous. It can be cooked into various delicious dishes of Sing Buri.

Sing Buri Fish-Eating and Red Cross Fair Being close to many natural water ways, Sing Buri is well known for abundant fish particularly the Mae La catfish. The province is also where the Khrua Hua Pa recipe originated. The fair features some of Song Buri’s best culinary creation, usually held in late December each year.

I am very hungry !

Ler's go to have lunch there! my friends....


                                                    The Map of Sing Buri Province 

 Introduce by  :  Phramaha Songkran Abhirukkhito (Promraksa) No.19 M.A. Student...

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