Sunday, April 5, 2015

Chanthaburi is My Homeland

          Chanthaburi Province is a beautiful and exciting place.  Within its boundaries is the bustling city of Chanthaburi, the pristine beaches along the picturesque coast of the Gulf of Thailand including the popular and impressive Chao Laow Beach, and the spacious and stunning Khaw Khitchakut National Park.
          The city of Chanthaburi is a huge, crowded, bustling city with many things to do.  There are many shopping areas that cater to those looking for the expensive as well as the inexpensive shopping experience.  The location of the city is unique due to its close proximity to the areas charming beaches and quaint fishing villages.

One of the popular beaches is the famous Chao Laow Beach. It is attractive to tourists for its peaceful atmosphere, the lovely view, and the pureness of the water.  A favorite activity for visitors to this immaculate beach is to sit under the shade of the tall coconut trees and blissfully relax.  Another exhilarating thing to do at Chao Laow Beach is to dive on the vivid coral reefs or take a thrilling ride on the sometimes dangerous banana boats.
Another celebrated location within Chanthaburi Province is the celebrated Khao Khitchakat National Park.  This park is covered with verdant tropical rain forests as well as an extraordinary evergreen forest.  Also located in the National Park is the stunning Khao Phra Bat Mountaintop. There is a time each year when people can walk up the mountain to this inspiring shrine.  This walk is intimidating and exhilarating at the same time.  Being able to give respect to Buddha’s footprint is well worth the exhausting effort.

          These are some of the many interesting and fascinating places that make up Chanthaburi Province.  There are many other compelling and delightful things to do in diverse Chanthaburi Province, but you have to take the time to visit this delightful province and enjoy them.

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