Saturday, March 28, 2015


I born at shergahati near bodhgaya i loved my place so much because every things i can find my place i n easy way and my place located in centre of bihar and here lord buddha got enlightenment . i m so lucy boy so i born this place beacuse everyone come offering my home land beacuse of buudha .and many tourist come to visite my homeland each and every years .there are many buddist beautiful temple at my home land .there are many university and hospital school . the achievement never cut electric at my home lane pepole work hard morning to evening every eveining when i used go temple of bodhi temple i remembered that song when listen i felt very peaceful .my home land is called subdivision at my home land very good and small market there people goes buy things everyday cheep and best and my homeland is on bank of niranjana river.

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  1. Fascinating! Thanks for the information and photos.