Sunday, April 5, 2015

Unstable Situations of My Homeland, Karen State

My homeland is Karen state apart of southern Myanmar, where situated near border and was most dangerous in history by war about 1999 when I was young. At that time of Burmese’s solders and Karen’s solders shot each other long time ago. In my vision, it was remembered that the one of interesting thing was the rule of the difference between Burmese’s solders and Karen’s solders what kind of their attitude and their activities. Before Burmese’s solders came and rule our village, we were quite peace, worked freedom, went here and there and were happily together with Karen’s solder but after Burmese’s soldiers came to our state that Karen’s solders got out from our village. Because they were not equal to fight, Karen was a few of mumber and Burmese was a big more account of solders. And then they rule and force us not to go here and there.

Actually, some of them Burmese’s solders who needed some things and asked food or rice we gave it. On the other hand, if they asked for pic or chicken or some of meet, some of villager they gave and sometime didn’t. But, whatsoever, they regarded themselves such as we could everything we wanted and then, therefore, they would took what they wished. But that was not for all just some of Burmese’s stupid solders who had made their mistakes or missions.
On the other word, some of Burmese’s solders were great the number of the team of 22 called the faster’s group, they were very polite, kind and helpful for all villagers. A general he stayed in my home cook and sleep, whatever he got special food he left a cup of curry for my parents, at that time my three elder sisters are also miss but nothing happened wrong anything between us.

Even we had no freedom in the past but in the present right now its change to a little bit freedom in economic, education, and healthy as a prepare country to be developer and developer everything which was never done before by government. Here, that would not mean those that one is wright and those that is wrong or it is not necessary to judge false and true. If we are talking about that problem, this side is truth and that side is false, human will never agree to one another and they will conflict or against each other in any case.  

                                Ven. Dhamma Vamsa

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